BISHOP HARRIS THOMAS was born March 10, 1955 in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania to Mary M. and Eugene Thomas, Sr.(both He was the third of
three children (Eugene Thomas, Jr. and LaWanda D. Champion).
He was first ordained as a Minister by Bishop Stella V. Mack, Pastor of Holy
Cross Prayer Band Spiritual Church (Capitol Heights, MD) on November 6, 1977
and receive his license through the District of Columbia Superior Court to
celebrate the rite of marriage in the District. Although Bishop Thomas received
most of his Biblical and Church Leadership Training through the church, after
his ordination he enrolled in the University of the District of Columbia to study the Old and New Testaments
and religious counseling in 1977. On November 7, 1979, Bishop Mack elevated him to the Board of Elder. While
at Holy Cross, he directed the church’s senior choir, young adult choir and mass choir, served as the youth
Sunday School leader and published the church’s first newsletter, “At The Cross”
Bishop Thomas joined the Unity Fellowship Church Movement (UFCM) in 1997, through Inner Light Unity
Fellowship Church Pastored by Bishop Kwabena "Rainey" Cheeks, D.D. There he chaired the Church Counsel
and continued his training before his second ordination in 1999 by Archbishop Carl Bean, founder and Presiding
Per-Late of UFCM, as a Reverend by the recommendation of Bishop Cheeks, then consecrated the Founding
Pastor of Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore (UFCB), Maryland in 2000. In 2004, Bishop Thomas completed
several additional course studies in the Old and New Testaments at Howard University, School of Divinity
Continuing Education Program.
He was elevated to the Board of Elders of UFCM in 2007 and served as one of Jurisdiction 3, Mid-Atlantic
Region District Elders under the leadership of Bishop Jacquelyn Holland. From 2008 to 2009 he studied
Non-Profit Business Management at Southeastern University. Archbishop Carl Bean.consecrated him in 2015 as
Bishop. He was assigned the Presiding Bishop of Jurisdiction 4.
Bishop Thomas served on four panels with openly gay ministers to discuss Homosexuality and the Bible, held at
Maryland University, The GLCCB, and Baltimore’s Charles Theater. He also spoke at Morgan State University
and several high schools for their Gay and Lesbian Student Alliance and at Howard University for the Fifth
International Conference on Stigma, and at George Mason University for their Virginia’s Pride weekend. As a
Co-Chair of the Baltimore City Public Schools’ “Cultural Competence Collaboration Group”, he worked to ensure
that, school children were valued and respected, regardless of their sexual orientation. He facilitated a workshop
on Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS hosted by Churches United Against AIDS and was a presenter at a
Samaritan Ministries Sponsored retreat for people with HIV/AIDS. He was one of four panelists at Hearts and
Ears conferences on Mental Health discussing “Mental Health and Spirituality”. He served for a short time on
Baltimore’s Gay and Lesbian Task Force under Mayor O’Malley and an at-large member of Hero’s (an HIV/AIDS
organization) Board of Trustees.
Bishop Thomas was interview for an article in Baltimore’s Gay Life, The Baltimore Sun, and a radio program
hosted by Chili Moss and wrote an article for the 2006 Black Pride Resource Guide entitled, “Can LGBT People
of Faith Find a Church Home ”. He appeared on TV Channel 21 “The Xchange 8” program to discuss Maryland’s
Gay and Lesbian anti-discrimination law.
I have a loving and caring family. Reverend Brenda Washington and I have the greatest pleasure of coparenting
our daughter A’ngela Lavern Thomas. I live with his life partner Willie Hinton-Thomas and their two dogs King
and Prince in Washington, DC.
I am grateful for the things that you have done
Yes, I'm grateful for the victories we've won
I could go on and on and on about your works
Because I'm grateful, grateful, so grateful just to praise you Lord
Flowing from my heart are the issues of my heart, it's gratefulness
Grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful
Grateful, grateful, grateful, gratefulness is flowing from my heart