MINISTER HILDA LLOYD, is a native of Baltimore, Md. She was educated through the
Baltimore City Public School system. She attended Morgan State University in 1990-1993.
My last fifteen years I’ve worked as a mobility driver in Baltimore.
I’m a proud mother of one son; Kristopher E. Lloyd, Sr., and equally proud of my four
wonderful grandchildren. They are my heart beats. I’m also a proud member of Alpha Eta
Omega Sorority, Inc.; my sisters are my life line of support and love.
I started attending UFC-Baltimore in 2005, based on a friend request. Needless to say, I
found my true calling. My spiritual growth and development over the years has reshaped
me, enlightened me, and changed me for my betterment. Through my dedication, commitment, and service I
have answered the call which has been placed in my heart.
Today I stand as a Christian lesbian woman, ready to inspire others to walk in this liberated theology and
embrace a light that shines endless love to all.
My favorite quote I stand on is “teach them as I have taught you, show them as I have shown you, love them as I
have loved you, and give them as I have given to you.”
A favorite scripture is found in the book of Matthew 28:20 which reads; “and teaching them to obey everything I
have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of age.”
My commitment as Minister is to have the gift of discernment, able to lead spiritually and grasp and understand
with wisdom and give to all of God’s people.