MINISTER JOHNETTA "RENÉE" MELVIN lovingly known as “Renee”. I am a native of Baltimore Maryland. I was educated in
the Baltimore Public School System. Through the public school system and the Mentorship of Rev. Dr. Jaime Washington I
have been able to learn and find my purpose in life.
I have been blessed to work with different agencies helping disabled individuals old and young. I also worked with the Juvenile
System for over 20 years.
During that time I raised seven (7) biological children and assisted in raising eight (8) grandchildren. Not only did I raise my
own biological children and grands but I fostered and raised many neighborhood children that were in need of love and
guidance. There were adults that I help to grow and see their own self-worth. I am lovingly known throughout Baltimore as
Mommy too many and Nay Nay to others. Even though I don’t remember all of the faces they all seem to remember me.
Before I came to this point in my life I had many struggles and addictions that I had to overcome. The struggle was real but
because of God’s Grace and Mercy I have been sober for over 21 years.
Even through my struggles I always had a love for the people and I never gave up on me, and my desires to help and touch the lives of people who I came in
contact with. I never lost Faith and I knew that the power I possessed inside would bring me through. I knew that if I kept trying and I continued to do the
work knowing that “God had no hands but our hands” and that “Life and Death was in the power of the tongue” and I kept moving forward helping people
and believing and knowing that God had a plan and purpose for my life and that I would make it.
As a young child I had always felt that God had a work for me to do, and that calling was real but as many young people I wanted to do me even though I
was actively helping people I didn’t look at it as a calling, not appreciating or thinking I was actively doing the work, but because of my love for the people I
just thought that was what I wanted to do.
God is so good. Twelve years ago I walked into the Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore and my life began to change. I felt the love and connection with
the people. I began to understand that “God Is Love and Love Is For Everyone”. They didn’t try to force change on me nor did I have to pretend to be
someone I was not. I began to understand who I was and through loving myself it began to shed light on how perfectly and wonderfully I was made. I began
to be free in my heart and mind God enlarged my territory because I could help people to begin to love themselves just as they were with no limitations.
When you find your God consciousness you have a boldness about yourself and you can’t wait to share it.
Since attending Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore I have grown so much becoming an ordained Deacon, the president of “The Voices of Life” (choir),
Head of the Hospitality Ministry, Chair for the Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYA) under the guidance of Rev. Alston, Chair for the Outreach Ministry
(feeding and clothing the needy) Under Rev. Offer, and also working with Rev. Alston on the Fund Raising Committee (raising monies for the church).
I am so grateful for my church and the leaders that continue to help us grow and walk in our purpose.
I believe that “If it had not been for the Lord and Unity on my side tell me where would I be? Where would I be?