I will pray over it, as I study it, and I will interpret it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit within.

I have the right to question it, as I apply its teachings to my life.

My Heart is Open, My Mind is Alert, I am ready to receive a word from the Lord.
This is my Bible. It contains  Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

It is A Primary resource in the development of my relationship with God.

While I believe it’s inspired by God, IT IS NOT GOD.

It is not to be used as a weapon, but as an instrument of liberation and life.
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Sunday Morning Worship Begins at 11:00
Where We are
The Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore (UFCB) offers a Christian African American worship experience. Founded in November of 2000, UFCB is a  
welcoming and inclusive church for people of all races, class backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical, psychological and  
emotional abilities and religious/spiritual backgrounds. We are dedicated to social justice and are committed to bridging gaps that have long caused  
separation, segregation, and oppression. We stand as beacon of hope for our communities. We are a bible-based church rooted in the philosophy of liberation  
theology. This belief calls everyone to value and respect the distinctive humanity and rights of all to access the divine through their lived experience. We feel it  
is our duty to work towards the eradication of all forms of oppression, through the Biblical principles of Love, Inspiration, Freedom and Empowerment (LIFE).

OUR VISION is to establish a place where everyone can be a part of an unconditional loving and caring church family. We want to provide a safe space that is  
open to all who want to worship in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and respect while developing their personal and spiritual relationship with the “Divine  

OUR MISSION is to teach a 21st-century liberating gospel for people to meet “God” right where they are and inspire them to become what “God” would have  
them to be. We are committed to providing services that will bring comfort, guidance and empowerment through:

Inviting people to experience “God Anew”, through the preaching, and teaching of a liberated message
Comforting and praying with and for the distressed, sick, shut-in, the physically, psychological and emotionally challenged, and the aging
Affirming and empowering the disavowed and disenfranchised
Advocating for the rights of the marginalized members of our communities
Loving and respecting all of “God’s” creation
By Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington
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