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Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore - 4007 Old York Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218

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The Announcement


Announcements are vital to the success of the ministry. All announcements should be vetted for accuracy and completion. We suggest that the church clerk give announcements.

1. All announcements should be submitted via email to at least 1 week in advance prior to intended date to begin giving the announcement: in order to be approved by the MOA or a designated person

2. All announcements should be submitted by the chairperson of the ministry

3. All announcements should include the announcement, the ministry’s name and contact information {form will be accessed via}

4. Once announcements are approved they will be added to the bulletin

5. Announcements will be included in the bulletin, three weeks prior to event, unless otherwise approved by MOA

6. Emergency announcements must be vetted by MOA or Co-pastors, prior to announcing