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Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore - 4007 Old York Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218

Deacon Hilda Lloyd, I am 54 years young mother of two, Kristopher Sr. and Maimouna Butafly Paige. I have a host of grandchildren. Currently I am seeking to obtain entry into theological seminary this year.

I am a proud member of the Alpha Eta Omega Sorority Inc. I have been with Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore for eight years and served as Vice President of the Voice of Life Choir.

My life changed for the better when I found Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore.

Liberation and freedom become my passion allowing me to stand in my truth, as a proud gay lesbian Christian worshipping God in spirit and in truth and loving God’s people unconditionally.

Then God gave me a charge. I heard the voice of God calling me to leadership. It said to me, “Teach them as I have taught you. Show them as I have shown you. Love them as I have loved you. Give them as I have given to you.” I stand today as a servant leader deeply committed to the personal and spiritual growth of God’s people.