The Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore logo consists of two symbols encircled by the name of our church.

The ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol, appeared before the Christian cross representing our African heritage and our belief in eternal life. It characterizes the unification of the masculine and feminine forces in the universe. The loop at the top of the ankh embodies the feminine energy or discipline while the vertical shaft represents the male energy or discipline. The horizontal bar expresses the coming into existence of a new life. The ankh is gold, a precious medal that gives value. When tried by fire, the imperfections rise to the top, scraped off and all that is left is pure gold. We use this color to represent how the fires of life try us and the blood of Jesus removes the impurities. As pure gold, we can now present our self as the living sacrifice holy and acceptable to our God.

The three points of the triangle represents each of the manifestation of the Godhead (the Parent, the Child, and the Holy Spirit). Inverted, the triangle signifies the descending spirit fully in our life. The blue color of the triangle is an ancient, historic, and is symbolically association with royalty. We use it to represent the quality of the life we strive to live, inspiration, devotion, peace, and tranquility as members of the royal priesthood.

The final part of the logo is the name of our church. This represents the unconditional love and power of our spiritual family. Like each letter in the name, each member followed a different path, and had different experiences before joining our family. With all our differences and uniqueness, we come together in unity and in fellowship.